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Flagbarer is the idea and passion of a select few who are working to turn iconic flags from our nation's capital into stylish goods for everyone. All products are designed and handcrafted in Canada.

Our Story

Flagbarer offers unique Canadian-made products made from banners that represent our Canadian heritage. Following a beautiful, functional life displaying Canadian values and locales, banners from the Ottawa region are dry-cleaned and sent to EcoEquitable - a unique organization that provides skills training for new Canadians. The banners are cut to maximize their images, sewn onsite in Ottawa, and developed into beautiful, functional products. Products are designed and supported by the stellar industrial design firm the Federal Design House.

Flagbarer reuses beautiful, durable materials, helping revitalize a sewn manufacturing industry in Ottawa while giving tourists and visitors an opportunity to take a piece of Ottawa home with them.

Flagbarer first launched in 2015.

Current Products


EcoEquitable / 87 Enclave / Ottawa / Canada